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BREAKING: MUELLER STOLE TRUMP EMAILS. Mueller Team Steals Thousands of Trump Emails (H. A. Goodman)

This is an excellent summary of the overall situation in relation to the Russia-gate hoax. There is no evidence showing any Trump-Russia connection, and therefore no basis for the FBI investigation. There is no crime here. Mueller should be fired immediately.


Michael Flynn’s Indictment Exposes Trump Team’s Collusion With Israel, Not Russia

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SHOCK: Fired FBI Director Comey Made MORE Edits to Hillary’s Exoneration Letter to Avoid Charging Her with Serious Crimes (H. A. Goodman)

One thing has become quite clear in the aftermath of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald J. Trump last year: The D.C. Swamp creatures running the Deep State were so confident she would win they did everything they could to not only ensure her victory and ingratiate themselves to the new queen, but to undermine the Trump campaign at every turn.

One of the main actors in this disgustingly corrupt play was James Comey, the FBI director fired by Trump early in his administration.

Recall that Trump fired Comey over his [mis]handling of the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state. At the time establishment Democrats and Republicans chastised the president over his decision; Comey’s firing also formed the basis of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which has transformed from “Trump-Russia collusion” to obstruction of justice (as if the president, as head of the Executive Branch, doesn’t have the authority to fire anyone under him he pleases).

The more we learn about Comey’s Clinton-related actions as director, the better understanding we have of why he was fired, and justifiably so, and why she was never charged, which was a miscarriage of justice.

We already knew that Comey prepared his statement exonerating Clinton months in advance, meaning he had made his mind up (before she was even interviewed by agents) that he was going to let her off the hook.

We also knew that language in the statement was changed to remove a legally actionable phrase, and we just found out that disgraced FBI counterterrorism agent Peter Strzok was the one who made the change for Comey.

Now we learn that there were additional changes made to the statement to further water it down so that there would be nothing left to chance when it came to the decision not to charge Clinton with criminal mishandling of classified information.

As reported by Fox News, newly released documents reveal that Comey’s statement was edited numerous times before he made his July 5, 2016, exoneration statement, including a change that implicates Clinton as a major national security risk

The multiple edits were contained in a letter to the FBI Thursday, sent by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

In an early draft, Comey noted that it was “reasonably likely” that “hostile actors” had gotten access to Clinton’s unsecured private email server, but that passage was later changed to read like the scenario was only “possible.”

The final version of the statement also removed a reference to the “sheer volume” of classified information that Clinton discussed via email. (Related: CORRUPT: Wife of demoted Justice Dept. official worked for DEM-aligned firm Fusion GPS, which created bogus “Trump dossier.”)

And of course, as we already knew, the final version edited out references to specific violations of classified data handling as “gross negligence” — the exact wording in the statute — to “extremely careless,” which was the change that Strzok made.

In his letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Johnson said all of the editing “could be read as a finding of criminality in Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified material.”

“The edited statement deleted the reference to gross negligence – a legal threshold for mishandling classified material – and instead replaced it with an exculpatory sentence,” he added.


Comey's Clinton draft statement heavily edited to downplay private email server impact  


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History Will Show That Donald Trump's Presidency Was Our Greatest Ever (Lionel)

Hear me out. Presidency versus President. The timing, zeitgeist and messaging say it all. And as for piquant quotes, I'm not sure if this is an indictment or a prescription for greatness. But here goes. “Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.” ― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

Top You Tube comments:

Donald Trump connected when he decided to speak of the Great American Unspokens...911, Corrupted News and the great swamp of Washington DC. (Not drained since initial construction.) People are hungry for Truth..Starving for it.

Whether you love or hate Trump, he exposed the media and got regular people to open their eyes. If thats all he accomplishes, he won. If he burns both parties to the ground then hes an American hero.

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USA Drought 13th Century, Birds freeze in Winter & Massive Winds Slovenia (ADAPT 2030)

Native American populations were tracked as suddenly collapsing twice over a 500 year period. They used corn and pottery production to measure populations. Interestingly these correlate to collapses of Chinese dynasties during Grand Solar Minimums. Ice bridge forms from Greenland to Iceland, massive winds in Slovenia, 50+ above normal temperatures and birds freeze and fall form the sky in Sweden.

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While the mainstream media opted to protect the United States government by treating anyone who dared to question the government’s role in the rise of ISIS as crazy conspiracy theorists, a new report is forcing the MSM to admit that those “conspiracies” were true all along.

Now, mainstream media outlets such as Reuters and USA Today are suddenly reporting that the United States and its close ally, Saudi Arabia, were instrumental in supplying weapons and ammunition to ISIS. Both reports cite an investigation conducted by Conflict Armament Research (CAR), which looked at 40,000 items recovered from Islamic State militants between July 2014 and November 2017.

A final report from CAR titled “Weapons of the Islamic State,” concluded that the vast majority of the weapons used by ISIS were supplied in the thousands, given their origin and the fact that they were found “in numbers far beyond those that would have been available to the group through battlefield capture alone.”

More than 97 percent of the weapons and 87 percent of the ammunition used by ISIS were “Warsaw Pact calibers—originating primarily in China, Russia, and Eastern European producer states,” according to the report. However, the weapons were not distributed to the militants by China or Russia.

The weapons and ammunition were originally purchased by the United States and Saudi Arabia, and then distributed to rebel groups opposing the administration of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. While the U.S. claimed to be fighting ISIS, the fact is that ISIS was one of the Syrian rebel groups opposing Assad, and as the report noted, nearly all of their weapons came from those purchased by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.
“Unauthorized retransfer—the violation of agreements by which a supplier government prohibits the re-export of materiel by a recipient government without its prior consent—is a significant source of IS weapons and ammunition. The United States and Saudi Arabia supplied most of this materiel without authorization, apparently to Syrian opposition forces. This diverted materiel, recovered from IS forces, comprises exclusively Warsaw Pact caliber weapons and ammunition, purchased by the United States and Saudi Arabia from European Union (EU) Member States in Eastern Europe.”
While the report claims that many of the weapons were intended for other Syrian rebel groups before they ended up in the hands of ISIS militants, it also notes how quickly the transition between groups happened, after the weapons were originally supplied.

In one case, an advanced anti-tank guided weapon was “manufactured in the EU, sold to the United States, supplied to a party in the Syrian conflict, transferred to IS forces in Iraq, and documented by a CAR field investigation team following its recovery from IS forces.” The report noted that “the full chain of transactions occurred within two months of the weapon’s dispatch from the factory.”

The serial numbers on the weapons are also crucial in determining how the militants acquired them. According to the report, almost half of the weapons that were investigated featured “serial numbers that are close in sequence to those of other, identical weapons in the sample.” As a result, they found at least “240 sets of weapons that were manufactured in the same production runs and probably exported in the same, or successive, batches.” This suggests that in some cases, the weapons were delivered to the militants by the thousands.

The report noted that in many cases, the “supplies of materiel into the Syrian conflict” from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia allowed ISIS “to obtain substantial quantities of anti-armor ammunition. These weapons include ATGWs and several varieties of rocket with tandem warheads, which are designed to defeat modern reactive armor.”

As the investigation by Conflict Armament Research concluded, although the United States and Saudi Arabia both claimed to support coalitions that were formed for the purpose of defeating the Islamic State, the thousands of weapons they were supplying rebel groups did the opposite.
“These findings are a stark reminder of the contradictions inherent in supplying weapons into armed conflicts in which multiple competing and overlapping non-state armed groups operate. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to exert effective control over which groups ultimately gain custody of weapons. As this report demonstrates, Iraq and Syria have seen IS forces use large numbers of weapons, supplied by states such as Saudi Arabia and the United States, against the various international anti-IS coalitions that the two states support.”
While the mainstream media has failed to ask questions about some of the most obvious red flags in the United States’ foreign policy, The Free Thought Project has provided in-depth coverage of both the United States’ hypocrisy in the Syrian conflict, and Saudi Arabia’s assistance in helping to strengthen the same group of militants that the two countries claimed to be working to defeat.

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David Icke - Keith Chegwin, Gary Lineker, Infowars, US Underground Bases & Mainstream Media Bias

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'Putin Now Realizes Trump's Hands are Tied' - Think Tank Fellow

The Russian president devoted considerable attention to Russian-US relations during the course of his regular year-end press conference. George Szamuely, a senior fellow at London Metropolitan University's Global Policy Institute, told Sputnik the three important things he took away from Putin's remarks.
Putin's press conference took place Thursday, with Russian and foreign journalists asking the president dozens of questions about Moscow's foreign and domestic policy, including Putin's views on the state of Russian-US relations.

Sputnik: Vladimir Putin said during his press conference Donald Trump is unable to do as he pleases, whether it comes to amending relations with Russia, or his other pre-election pledges, because he is being controlled by the FBI. What do you make of this?

Szamuely: Putin realizes that Trump, and not only during the campaign, promised that he would devote himself to improving relations with Russia. Putin thinks that this is indeed what Trump wants to do. This wasn't simply rhetoric during the campaign, but something that reveals Trump's true intent. Trump just hasn't been able to do it. And he hasn't been able to do it largely because of the fictitious hoax of the Trump-Russia collusion stories. Any attempt by Trump toward improving relations with Russia is immediately greeted with cries of 'Ah this proves that there was collusion between Trump and the Russians!', and 'Trump is clearly an agent of the Russian president.'

Putin realizes that Trump's hands are now tied. It is significant that however much Putin criticizes [US policy], he has never blamed Trump himself for any of this, [whether it be] the sanctions passed by Congress, or the US government seizure of [Russian] diplomatic compounds. 

Sputnik: Putin also pledged that Russia will not participate in any global arms race, informing journalists about Russia's $46 billion in defense spending, compared with the $700+ billion that the Pentagon is currently spending. What's your feeling with regard to that? The figures seem quite stacked. 

Szamuely: That's exactly right, and despite those figures, if you come to the United States, you would think that the Russians were spending like mad and threatening the United States. In fact it's completely the opposite, and this is why US policy has been so dangerous. The US has massively increased defense spending, and Trump signed his new Defense Authorization Act, which is a huge increase in spending just from last year.

When you combine that with the belligerent rhetoric toward Russia that emanates from Washington, there's good reason for the Russians to be nervous about US intentions. 

The other thing is, Putin reminded the audience that the United States withdrew from the ABM Treaty some years ago, and that now it has effectively withdrawn from the INF Treaty, [the other of] the two key pillars of the arms control regime of the Cold War. Putin says that Russia has no intention of withdrawing from the INF Treaty, but of course if the United States continues with this policy of essentially just tearing up the INF Treaty, the Russians will have to respond.

And he said that the next to fall could be the START Treaty. Putin did express some alarm that these arms control agreements are just going into the wastepaper basket.

Sputnik: On Syria, Putin again warned against the US and the West against cooperation with rebel militants, saying that using them in the fight against Damascus was a dangerous policy. What is your take on the Syrian situation?

Szamuely: It was remarkable what he said about US attitudes toward terrorists. He reminded the audience that when the US sponsored the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan in the 1980s, it came back and hit the Americans on 9/11. This is what happens when you do these short-term opportunistic things of supporting terrorists for your own short-term ends. And he said this is what being done in Syria – that they are refusing to do anything toward ISIS [Daesh] because they still want to use ISIS and Al-Qaeda for their own short-term ends of hurting Assad. So yes, this was a remarkable thing – that for all their talk of the US global war on terror, this is far from the case. The United States does use these terrorists for its short-term ends. Even now it's doing exactly that.


Trump shocks conservatives in renominating LGBT activist to top anti-discrimination post

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Iran Joins EAEU - 45 Years Of US Foreign Policy Down The Drain

Iran is joining the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). By early next year, February by this account, Iran will join the five founding members of the Union and open the door for Turkey to do so later in 2018.

Between this and the end of the war in Syria, it’s not hard to declare the Brzezinski Doctrine of U.S.-led Central Asian chaos as gasping its last breaths.

Iran finally joining the EAEU is a response to a number of factors, the most important of which is the continued belligerence by the U.S. Expanded economic sanctions on Iran and the EAEU’s leader Russia has created the need for greater coordination of economic and foreign policy objectives between them.

And it is creating the new realities in the region that will reshape the word for the next hundred years.

The Nuclear Gambit

In the dying days of the Obama administration it looked like the goal was to placate Iran to stop its pivot towards Russia and China. I believe that was the driving force behind Obama’s negotiating the controversial nuclear deal.

In effect, Obama tried to trade unfreezing Iran’s hundreds of billions in assets held in Western banks for Iran to ignore our atomization of Syria and the creation of a complete mess there.

When you stop to think about it like that how venal are we? After putting Iran under economic lockdown, having frozen its accounts, barring them from interbank communication with customers (SWIFT removal), inducing hyperinflation to sow regime change they would agree to allowing its ally, Syria, to be handed over to Wahabist animals.

In exchange they would repudiate Russisa and be thankful for the opportunity to get their money back by signing a deal which forbade them from obtaining nuclear weapons?

Such is the ‘logic’ of the mental midgets running our foreign policy under Obama.

So, now, having assisted Russia and the Syrian army in defeating ISIS Iran is making the smart move by further integrating its economy in need of diversification and investment by joining an economic union which should align all of Central Asia’s interests along a similar path.

Chaos no longer. Zbigniew Brzezinski isn’t just dead, his strategy is as well.

Left to the likes of Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and the dimbulbs of the Bush the Lesser administration before them, these buffoons were outplayed at every turn by Vladimir Putin, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
And the world will soon be a better place for it.

Neocons failed.

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DARPA Can Exterminate Humanity: ‘You Could Feasibly WIPE OUT The Human Race’

One of the most dangerous experiments that mankind has ever embarked upon is DARPA’s desire for gene drive technology. Scientists now have the knowledge and the tools they need to create and deliver “Doomsday genes” which can selectively target and exterminate an entire species.

According to Sputnik News, and as previously reported by SHTFPlan,  the United States highly-secretive and advanced military research body DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) announced that it will invest tens of millions of dollars into genetic extinction research. While the official aim of this research is said to be fighting harmful insects, like mosquitos which carry Malaria, there are significantly darker implications and speculations surrounding the possible use of such a tool.

Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple said a quick Google search would give you enough information to let you know how horrific this kind of technology can be. “…and you’ll find it fascinating just at how unbelievable a weapon this could be, how unintentionally mistakes can be made that can cause irreversible damage…irreparable damage…to the human race. And I mean, FAST!” Joseph said. “A gene drive…if let’s just say there’s a mistake, you could feasibly wipe out the human race in a very very short period of time. It’s an unbelievable tool at the disposal of madmen.”
Emails released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), suggest that the U.S.’s uber-secretive military body, DARPA, has become the world’s largest funder of this “gene drive” research.
Silvia Ribeiro, Latin America director of the ETC Group, an international organization dedicated to the conservation and sustainable advancement of cultural and ecological diversity and human rights, said:  “When it is developed under an umbrella of a military research, you get a clear notion that there can be a dual purpose of this research.”

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Net Neutrality for ISPs Dead as Net Censorship via Big Social Media Continues Unabated (Styx)

There's already a lot of censorship.

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The Dumbing Down of America – By Design

[First published by GR in August 2014]
This presentation focuses on the myriad ways in which the powers-that-be in the United States have been systematically dumbing down Americans as a society for a very long time – all by meticulously calculated design. Originally the term dumbing down was used as a slang expression in 1933 by film screenwriters to mean “revising [the script] so as to appeal to those of lower education or intelligence.”
The most obvious example of how Americans have been dumbed down is through this nation’s failed public education system. At one time not that long ago America reigned supreme as a leading model for the rest of the world providing the best quality free public K-12 education system on the planet. But over the last many decades while much of the rest of the world has been passing us by, it seems an insidious federal agenda has been implemented to condition and brainwash a population of mindless, robotic citizenry that simply does what it’s told, and of course the brainwashing commences early in America’s schools. 
But prior to delving into the many ways we’ve been duped and dumbed down through the years, a cold hard look at the devastating result seems very much in order here. With doom and gloom warnings of impending collapse, the US economy is floundering still mired in recession, emaciated and cut off from life support, as a consequence of waging too many wars around the world (be they the longest running costly defeats in US history or the fast rising dirty little Special Ops wars secretly raging on every corner of the globe or Obama’s personal favorite, 
state sponsored terrorism from drone-filled skies). As a pawn to the military industrial complex, the US government has chosen permanent war over its own people. This treasonous decision has decimated the middle class and created a college educated indentured class struggling in heavy debt to find any means to stay afloat. With an outsourced, now vanished manufacturing base, upward mobility and the American dream have become tragic casualties of modern life, now a sad, nostalgic bygone reminder of the once greatness of America. 
With the US the biggest debtor nation on earth, Americans are drowning in debt as hopelessly trapped collateral damage from a rapidly sinking, overextended Empire desperate to remain the sole global superpower even if it means death to the whole human race. At home the hapless American population has become increasingly the victim of its own government’s tyranny and oppression under the constant roving eyeball of criminal surveillance and a brutal militarized security state, leaving its citizens defenseless without any security, liberty, freedom or place to hide. After centuries of carefully orchestrated design, oligarchs of the banking cabal have finally gotten what they’ve been plotting and scheming, globally enforced austerity and impoverishment reducing life in America and around the world to near Third World status, and absolute control. The oligarchs are counting on a dumbed down population too busy addicted to their video games or watching sports or Kim Kardashian’s latest wardrobe malfunction to even notice that a longtime oligarch eugenics plan is already well underway.
But this dismal outcome has long been in the making on many fronts. Over numerous decades a grand experiment engaging in social engineering with America’s youth has been steadily working to homogenize a lowest common denominator product of sub par mediocrity, creating generations of young Americans who can neither read nor write, nor think for themselves in any critical manner. According to a 
study last year by the US Department of Education, 19% of US high school graduates cannot read, 21% of adults read below 5th grade level and that these alarming rates have not changed in the last ten years. 
The international test results from the 
2012 PISA indicate American students are lagging behind virtually all developed nations even more than in the past. China topped all 65 nations while US teenagers again scored at or below average in math, reading and science. That is because the current educational system is no longer about learning the basic A-B-C’s but simply cranking out a subclass of work force laborers. This tragic fall from grace of America’s once great educational system has education researcher Cynthia Weatherly referring to America’s current education system as “limited learning for lifelong labor.” 
But this planned system of a New World Order (NOW) featuring a planned global economy and a planned global education system has been promoted for well over a century. The Carnegie Foundation outlined its explicit roadmap for absolute oligarch control way back in the 1930’s. Department of Education whistleblower 
Charlotte Iserbyt exposes the conspired downfall of America’s educational system in her well documented chronicle The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.
It turns out that America’s “father of modern education” 
John Dewey, an unabashed admirer of Stalin and his educational system, proclaimed his NWO agenda in 1947:
“… establishment of a genuine world order, an order in which national sovereignty is subordinate to world authority…”
As the first elected UNESCO Director-General British ProfessorJulian Huxley (brother of Brave New World’s Aldous), in 1949 had the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization pumping out pamphlets expounding the importance that children be educated devoid of any national allegiance, patriotism or family loyalties identified as the biggest barriers to their demonic ambitions:
      “As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can only produce precarious results.” 
Based on my personal experience working with America’s broken child welfare system, several weeks ago I wrote
an article on the current child welfare system’s assault on the modern American family. That assault is but part of a wider, across-the-boards assault by the entire US government. The federalist fascists in Washington have been busily mounting an assault on the American family through the state run public education system as well. Like the separation of church and state, the Constitution explicitly calls for specific delineation between the federal government to stay out of the business of education, traditionally leaving it within the sovereignty of the states and local communities to govern. However, just as the US Constitution has been under assault, Washington is now unlawfully dictating mandates to the 1600 US school districts that they must comply with in order to avoid the cutoff of federal dollars. Thus, local school districts throughout this nation are presently under a subversive assault from the long arm of our authoritarian totalitarian government.

Second only to the Department of Defense in its annual budget, more US taxpayer dollars are funneled into the Department of Education than any other public sector. The discretionary budget for Education as of 2015 is $68.6 billion. And these days most of those dollars are being squandered to bankroll the privatization of an already failed educational system. Through privately run charter schools and federally mandated programs like Common Core, control has been snatched away from parents, teachers and elected local school boards. 
In the Orwellian double speak deception of “school choice,” public tax funded privatized programs like 
Common Core have been sold as answering the need for higher educational standards. Should a school district accept even $1 from the federal government, it automatically relinquishes control to the feds, thus providing no choice to the locals. With 43 out of the 50 states already signed up for Common Core, public education run by local communities and states is clearly under siege. The federal agenda is to abolish local run school boards, abandon the letter grade system of A through F’s and seize control over the curriculum. Concealed in the fine print is the not so thinly veiled Trojan Horse promoting that same New World Order that Dewey and Huxley were driving at nearly seven decades earlier. Like it or not, even the nation’s home schoolers, private schools and students in the seven states not adopting Common Core are being impacted as textbook companies have rushed to align their books according to the dogma of the Common Core standards.
The embedded Common Core doctrine handed down from Dewey’s Progressive Education is designed to program and prepare children’s impressionable minds toward accepting the notion of 
collectivism. The group mind is deemed far more important than the individual mind to the extent that a child’s value is only as good as the value the child can bring to the group. As an individual one carries little intrinsic value as a human life without the greater context as the worker bee sacrificing for the maintenance of the group.


The Reason Education Sucks (George Carlin)

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Arctic Fraudsters Facing Imminent Meltdown (Tony Heller)

Arctic sea ice has been growing over the past decade - the exact opposite of expert forecasts. Climate scientists have been getting increasingly desperate and are bombarding us with fake news about starving Polar Bears and disappearing sea ice.

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Nuclear Face-Off: US, North Korea Trade Accusations During UNSC Meeting

In complete contrast to an statement earlier this week concerning a need for talks with North Korea over the Nuclear crisis, US secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said Pyongyang must EARN its way into negotiations.

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China Echos Call to Make East Jerusalem Capital of Independent Palestine

China has voiced its support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, based on pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.
A spokesperson for the foreign ministry made the statement during a regular press briefing, Thursday, while addressing questions on a declaration by Muslim nations asserting East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) made the announcement at a summit in Istanbul, Wednesday, and condemned the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

China understands the Islamic countries' concern about the status of Jerusalem,” spokesperson Lu Kang said, according to Xinhua state media, adding that it is calling for a “resolution to the issue in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions and international consensus."

The United Nations considers East Jerusalem to be occupied Palestinian territory, but hopes that one day Jerusalem can become the capital of two states, Israel and Palestine. Last week the UN confirmed that its position remains unchanged in light of  Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move its embassy there from Tel Aviv.  

China also called for dialogue to resume promptly between Israel and Palestine so a comprehensive and fair resolution to the Palestinian issue could be found.

Geng Shuang, China’s foreign ministry spokesman, expressed concerns last week that Trump’s statement would trigger an escalation in tensions.

The conflict could also impact the country’s valuable investment programs in Israel. China is now Israel’s third-largest trading partner after the US and the European Union, and its second-largest export destination.

This statement from China will be good for business in the Arab world. If the US is forced out they can do deals with the Chinese.

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US Hires Thousands Of Online Trolls To Work for ‘Cyber Command’

No matter how trained these trolls will be, like any other trolls they will be faced with hundreds of thousands of highly experienced geopolitically savvy internet users who will call them out at every turn.

The public understands what is going on. This sort of propaganda only works when people don't recognise what's happening.

If these online operators try to spin narratives that obfuscate the truth they cannot win. When verifiable facts are on your side you will prevail in an open environment. These stooges will be at a severe disadvantage from the get go.

This was tried with 911 truth and failed. Today the main gambit is to push provably kook ideas like flat earth to muddy the waters and play to suckers who will believe in everything (as opposed to believing in the scientific method, where experiments and real world testing and measuring reveals what's going on).

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Bombshell: Anti-Trump Lawyer Sought Out PAYMENTS For Women Who Would Accuse Donald Trump Of Sexual Assault

A media promoted, leftist women’s rights lawyer openly sought to arrange payments from both liberal donors and the mainstream media for the women she represented who accused then presidential candidate Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, according to a bombshell new report from The Hill.

The report not only exposes the lengths that California lawyer Lisa Bloom was willing to go to stop Donald Trump from becoming president, it also points to the fact that she herself was attempting to make money off accusations that Trump sexually assaulted multiple women.

According to the report, Bloom’s efforts including arranging a liberal donor to pay off one of the accusers mortgage, offering to sell an alleged victims story to TV outlets, and even trying to secure a six figure payment for another women who eventually decided not to come forward with her supposed accusations.


Media Malpractice Against Trump is Rampant (Bill Still)

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Japan's Top Economist - Sweden Was Ruined By Immigrants (And How To Save Her)

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Keiser Report (E1163): American Empire Entering Decline

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the proposal to send Erik Prince’s private army to secure the trillions of dollars worth of national resources of ... Afghanistan. And while the elite like Prince rig the system at the top to dole out free money for oligarchs, so too must the bottom 99% game the complex Obamacare system in order to get free healthcare. In the second half, Max interviews Marshall Auerback of the Levy Institute. They discuss ice hockey and economics of MMT.

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Sargon of Akkad Gets Attacked by RWW Again: My Response (Styx)

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Forest Fire Burn Acreage Plummeting - Tony Heller

Ambulance chasing climate scientists come out of the woodwork every time there is a natural disaster, like fires in California.But burn acreage in the US has plummeted over the past 85 years, as CO2 has increased.

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